Improve veld with Biomosome seed mixtures (Part 3)

In the previous edition, the article on veld improvement for game dealt with establishment from planted seed and bringing the plants to maturity in the first season. Management after establishment is the key to harnessing the process of plant succession to optimise the initial investment. The degree to which plant succession progresses to what would be climax for an area under natural conditions, will be influenced by grazing or cutting height and frequency as well as periodic burning. Read More

Improve veld with Biomosome seed mixtures (Part 2)

This is the second in a series of three articles on veld improvement for game. The article in the previous issue dealt with needs assessment. The focus in this article is on establishment, and the final article will cover management after establishment. All three facets require thorough attention for the best results.

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Improve veld with Biomosome seed mixtures (Part 1)

This is the first in a series of three articles. The focus here is on needs assessment. The second will deal with establishment, and the final will cover management after establishment. Each facet is as important as the others. All three require thorough attention for the best results.

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Down with green deserts

Golf courses have wisely embraced the notion of rehabilitating areas of rough with natural veldgrasses. Besides the aesthetic value this adds to a layout, there are many other benefits. Veldgrass expert Mike Zingel explains how to go about restoring this natural vegetation.

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Improve Grazing Quality With Interseeding

wilfliferanchingWhether a protected area is a small retreat, a productive game ranch or a vast reserve, wildlife managers are all faced with the same challenge: how to keep grazing quantity and quality at a sustainable level with limited or no internal fencing.Read More

Umlilo! Fire!

Whether damaged through a bush fire or bovine overgrazing, the veld supporting southern Africa’s game farms and reserves can be assisted to return to its natural glory and intended carrying-capacity. Evirogrow’s Mike Zingel explains to freelance writer Alistair Cotton how the Madikwe East Private Game Reserve was effectively rehabilitated after a fire destroyed 80 hectares of veld.Read More

Back To Healthy Bush

Accurate scale-related vegetation assessment is the first step necessary to return abused, overgrazed veld to healthy life-sustaining natural bush

pleanuusAs published in: Peleanuus/News, Official Publication of the East Cape Game Management Association – December 2006Read More

Rehabilitation Of Wildlife Areas

Also published in: Landscape SA – July/August 2005

landscapesaRehabilitation of Iraqi wetlands between the Tigris and Euphrates, an area originally comprising over 20 000 square kilometers and home to the 5 000 year old culture of the “Marsh Arabs”, represents a challenge for South Africans to implement local strategies for indigenous plant and animal rehabilitation, according to Zingela Consulting’s Mike Zingel.Read More

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