seedpressreleaseGame ranchers and other conservationists using Biomosome® Eco-Matched Veld Seed will benefit from increased availability, technical backup, know-how and support through a new distribution agreement with international seed giant, SAKATA, the home of MayFord Seeds.

“A passion for returning damaged veld, eroded areas and old lands to sustainable productivity led us to develop a unique range of ecologically matched veld seed,” says veld expert and Biomosome® developer, Mike Zingel. “By matching seed to five different Southern African regions based on biome principles, we have seen many thousands of hectares of land back on a path to pristine climax veld.”

“The deal with MayFord brings significant advantages to existing and prospective users of our products. Availability will be increased through a national distribution network and full support will be offered by the well-known MayFord team. In addition, MayFord brings its extensive range of grass seeds of indigenous species for use at lodges and recreation areas,” Zingel continues.
Johann Delport, MayFord’s Professional Turf Sales Representative states that “MayFord feels very proud of this new addition to the already wide range of indigenous grass species of various varieties. Biomosome® mixes are the way forward for our arid and dry South African conditions. All these indigenous grass species and mixes will compliment one another and can be used on the same development or project. We cater for specialised lawns, beautiful natural areas as well as indigenous veld growth”.

While game has been reintroduced to vast areas of South Africa, this has not proved to be a panacea of all veld ills. Much of the land has not yet recovered from poor utilisation in the past and is now being damaged by the overstocking of indigenous game.

“The key to restoring carrying capacity to its original potential is appropriate stocking and the rehabilitation of the veld using Biomosome® Eco- Matched Veld Seed,” Zingel concludes.
Biomosome® Eco- Matched Veld Seed is now available direct from MayFord Seeds.

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